What we can do for you

We deliver independent and innovative solutions, always tailor-made for our customer’s unique needs. Our strength as a company is based on our deep radio knowledge of radio engineering and technologies from GSM through to LTE combined with our long history of project management. This enables us to make sure that our customer’s unique requirements are executed and implemented as they were originally designed.

Our high standards and thorough project executions are appreciated by a high number of returning customers.  

Our service portfolio contains services like:

Radio Engineering

  • Tunnel coverage: single and multi-operator system for road and train tunnels
  • In-house systems: multi- and single operator system with active and passive DAS 
  • Stadium design: high-capacity solution for large stadium and sport Arenas 
  • Repeater Systems: Engineering of fibre optical and off-air repeater systems
  • Feasibility Studies: Introduction of new technologies and standards
  • Establishment of system verification processes and methodologies
  • Creation of engineering guidelines


Project Management

  • Implementation of RF systems in tunnels. We have managed the implementation of RF systems in more than 300km of various tunnels for both single- and multi-operator systems.
  • Installation of indoor systems. We have managed the installation of more than 100x indoor systems for business customers, shopping malls, airports, railway stations etc.
  • We manage all different kind of technical solutions from low-power repeaters to complex systems with FO repeaters and/or BTS/RRU.
  • We manage passive as well as active DAS system for our customers.